Fire rescue

Fire extinguisher service for Home Safety

Centuries ago our ancestors find the fire and it changes the whole human race into a new era. Moreover with the industrial revolution fire has done a great service to mankind. In fact, self-acting Fire has become a hazard to the mankind and also to the globe. Therefore, people used to do research about the Fire extinguisher service and fire detection systems more than ever.

Benefits of having a fire detection system.

If there is a self-acting Fire in a building, that may destroy the life of the people and the whole building with the fire. Usually, most people unaware of these kind of unexpected tragedies until it happens in their real-life.iIt may cause huge loss for their life or properties. Replacing or repairing cost for the building will very high and it will cost the time also. However, money can not give breath to the life who lose in fire.

Fire pump

Owing to the above factor, we have to prevent the fire before it destroys everything. Firstly, we must identify the fire before that spread. That is the real meaning of fire detection. The fire detection system activated when there is smoke or high temperature rising in a specific area.

Therefore, proper fire detection system will give a signal to the power panel. Then file alarm system, sprinkles or necessary Fire extinguisher service are beginning to activate.

Advantages of having a fire protection system

When there is a fire we must activate the fire alarms and evacuate the peoples in the building. Especially you have to avoid all the lifts and use only the fire exit. The importance of human life cannot be cost. therefore, don’t try to take all the belongings with you. Most of the buildings have automatically operated sprinkles. But if your building doesn’t have that type of system use an alternative method to extinguished the fire. Sprinkles are made to fight with the fire automatically and destroy it in the early stage. Moreover, Fight with the fire by using Fire extinguisher service or fire horse must need the skilled manpower to handle it. So when the fire alarm activates responsible persons in the building or skilled person can start fire fighting with fire extinguisher or horse reels.

If the fire is spreading or if there is massive fire it cannot be controlled by fire extinguishers, so you must inform the fire department immediately. Because they have good experience in fire fighting and they can use their fire vehicles and equipment to eliminate the fire.

There are various types of fires can appear in a building.

Fire horse

The most important procedure of the fire fighting is using the correct fire fighting method as per the fire type. Therefore, to control the fire we need to eliminate the sources of the fire. It means we have to cut the oxygen, fuel or heat to stop the fire. In fact, if we use the wrong method of fire fighting that will destroy the whole building and also create extra hazard.

Fire Extinguisher types


  • Water is the most common and historical method of fire fighting. In fact, firefighters use water to take away the heat by cooling the fire. Furthermore, water can smooth the fire and taking away some amount of oxygen too. However, this is not suitable when there is an electricity leak fire or oil-based fire.


  • Foam extinguisher can be used when there is flammable gas or liquids and some common fires. Same As the water extinguishers, foam extinguishers can cool the fuel of fire. Therefore, when burning liquids, the foaming agent creates a barrier between the flame and the fuel, extinguishing the fire.

Gas Suppression System

  • This method reduces the oxygen level of the fire to control it. To exemplify this, it sucks the oxygen from the entire area and reduces the oxygen level to extinguished the fire. This method most commonly use for the server rooms and stationary or libraries to protect valuables from the fire extinguished.


  • Most of the time CO2 Tank extinguishers are used for electrical fire risks like computer server rooms. Moreover, it can eliminate Class B fire types also. (flammable liquids, such as paint and petroleum).

Dry Powder

  • This will be the most effective fire extinguisher for most fire types. It can be used in class A, B and C fires. however, it’s not recommended for use in enclosed spaces. This is because the powder can be easily inhaled and it cause bad effect for human. Additionally, the remaining dust is very difficult to clean up after.
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