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One Story House vs Two Story House

People always stuck in their decision when, the moment they make a decision, to design a house for their own. It always whispering inside your head “Whether I build a one-story house or two-story house?“. In fact, we need more facts and figures for making this decision. Cause we build house once ina a lifetime. Therefore, we must consider some practical advantages and limitations for both design. So I have explained to you some points to help you to make a better decision.

Needs of the Family

The most significant factor of buying a house is to provide shelter for family members and fulfill there needs. Moreover, you have to consider its future expansion of your family and future needs with modernization. Therefore, you must discuss all the decisions with your family members whether they need a single-story house or two-story house.

Cost for Construction

Constructing Single story house is inexpensive rather than building two-storied houses. Most university scholars share that more than 35% of project cost exceeds by building two-storied houses rather than building a single storied house. Therefore, if you’re concerned about the budget or in a tight budget it is remended to proceed with a single floor house. Most significant factors for cost variance arise in double story house due to the initial structural and foundation cost.

Return income in future

Most of the double story houses having attractive outer appearance compare with the normal houses. In fact, the real estate value of reselling is significantly higher than the typical houses. If there is higher potential market for two-story houses in your area, it is better to invest in that type of house rather than wasting one story. It is vital to note that each and every person seek to build houses, must consider the future value of their property, and also need to compare with similar properties of the area too. So make your decision wisely to gain return investment in the future.

Advantages of one story house

The most important factor of this model is, its convenient for Aging in Place and Youngsters have more accessibility through the area. In fact, when we are older we have to rely on a walker and wheelchair for accessing. So it’s convenient for its users. Moreover, Single Home Plans have significant Increased of Energy Efficiency owing to the fact that smaller volume of area.

Advantages of two-story house

By constructing a two-story house you can have a better view from the balconies and it creates more privacy places for its occupants. Another significant factor is it leads to more garden space for kids.

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